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Thursday, November 13, 2008

UFrame = UpdatePanel + IFRAME

What is UFrame?

UFrame is like an IFRAME that can load and host a page (ASP.NET, PHP or regular html) inside a DIV. However, unlike IFRAME which loads the content inside a frame that has no relation with the main document, UFrame loads the content within the same document. Thus all the Javascripts, CSS on the main document applies to the loaded content. It's just like UpdatePanel with IFRAME's "src" attribute.
The above UFrame are declared like this:

This should get replaced with content from /SomePage/BCD/View

The features of UFrame are:

Load any URL inside a DIV. It can be a php,, jsp or regular HTML page.
Just like IFRAME, you can set "src" property of DIVs and they are converted to UFrames.
Unlike IFRAME, it loads the content within the main document. So, main document's CSS and Javascripts are available to the loaded content.
It allows you to build parts of a page as multiple fully independent pages, instead of controls.
Each page is built as standalone page. You can build, test and debug each page indepedently and them put them together using UFrame.
It loads both inline and external scripts from loaded page. You can also produce different scripts during postback.
All external scripts are loaded before the body content is set. And all inline scripts are executed when both external scripts and body has been loaded.
It loads both inline and external CSS .
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