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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 Tips to Improve your LINQ to SQL Application Performance

I summed up 10 important points for me that needs to be considered during tuning your LINQ to SQL’s data retrieval and data modifying process:

1 – Turn off ObjectTrackingEnabled Property of Data Context If Not Necessary

2 – Do NOT Dump All Your DB Objects into One Single DataContext

3 – Use CompiledQuery Wherever Needed

4 – Filter Data Down to What You Need Using DataLoadOptions.AssociateWith

5 – Turn Optimistic Concurrency Off Unless You Need It

6 – Constantly Monitor Queries Generated by the DataContext and Analyze the Data You Retrieve

7 – Avoid Unnecessary Attaches to Tables in the Context

8 – Be Careful of Entity Identity Management Overhead

9 – Retrieve Only the Number of Records You Need

10 – Don’t Misuse CompiledQuery
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